Quick Seven® is a newly invented casino card game that is exciting, easy to learn, and most of all, fun.  With the option to discard, players make choices to create their best possible hand.  Players also have a chance to win even before their hand versus the dealer.  Quick Seven® is for everyone, regardless of gaming experience.

Quick Seven® allows players a chance to get more involved in a casino table game by making discard decisions, pressing existing wagers, hedging losing wagers, and the ever popular hitting of the hands.

The objective of Quick Seven® is to have a hand with a value of seven or as close to seven as possible, allowing one discard.  Numbered cards hold their face value; face cards have a value of one.  Dealt 8ís, 9ís, and 10ís are discarded because their individual value is greater than seven.  Beat the dealers hand to win!

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